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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chippy just died

Well, it was bound to happen. I've known this little chipmunk for a good 4 or 5 years and lord knows how old he was then. Chipmunks in the wild usually don't live for that long. I think it was in part because I made sure he had sunflowers, fruit and other snackies. This year I noticed he was getting really gray, although he still moved pretty fast.

But a little while ago, he didn't move fast enough when I let the dogs out. Phoebe went right for him. I got her to drop him, but he was gone. And I can't yell at her. It's her instinct to kill little animals like that.

I called Chris and he came home to help me bury Chippy. He had a good, long life and I had fun teaching him to sit in my hand and on my shoulder.

RIP my little Chippy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

WHO@ Newsletter - June 29, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .This is pretty cheesy
Tenn. couple accused of assault using Cheetos

Authorities said a couple got into a fight using Cheetos. The Bedford County Sheriff's Department said a 40-year-old man and 44-year-old woman became involved in a 'verbal altercation.' Somehow, the orange puffy snacks were used in the assault.

Deputies said they were charged with domestic assault. No one was hurt.

According to the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, both posted bond of $2,500.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Mythbuster Adam Savage fights $11,000 AT&T bill with Twitter army - 06/29/09
The star of MythBusters, Adam Savage, has had an $11,000 charge for data roaming dropped thanks to his 60,000 Twitter followers.

Thieves net fish with Google - 06/28/09
CUNNING crooks are using Google Earth to locate and steal expensive koi carp, cops say.
The crooks use internet mapping systems to find gardens with ponds so they can nick the valuable fish.

Internet harassment - 06/27/09
Sourav Hazra, 25, was arrested on Friday for allegedly posting an indecent profile of a woman on social networking website Orkut and sending her lewd text messages.

Apple Bans 'Hottest Girls' iPhone App - 06/26/09
Apple threw cold water on the "Hottest Girl" iPhone app, removing the software from the App Store after the developer started showing pictures of topless women.

Lesbian conwoman jailed for tricking people she met in internet chatrooms out of £100,000 - 06/26/09
A lesbian, who conned users on gay website chatrooms out of over £90,000, has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.

Facebook prisoner faces inquiry - 06/25/09
A convicted robber from Greater Manchester is being investigated after he was apparently able to update his Facebook page from his prison cell.

How Facebook nearly destroyed our marriage - 06/25/09
After they married, Jane and Gary Sherbrooke enthusiastically posted their wedding photos on Facebook for all their friends to see. And on their six-month extended honeymoon, shots of their travels through India, Nepal and Sri Lanka were uploaded on to their home page on the popular social networking site.

Turmoil brings out 'hacktivists' attacks on web - 06/24/09
For about 90 minutes Wednesday, visitors to the Oregon University System's Web site found themselves taken for a ride they didn't ask for. They were redirected to another site under the control of a hacker, who posted an 89-word screed criticizing the protests in Iran.

Oscar-winning composer, 71, 'raped 11 women using Craigslist to lure victims with promise of film role' - 06/24/09
The Oscar-winning composer behind 'You Light Up My Life' raped 11 women he lured to his apartment with the promise of a starring role in a movie, prosecutors said today.

Cyberstalking charge filed - 06/23/09
An Otis woman who reported being battered by four people in May was arrested herself Friday in connection with reportedly harassing those arrested for her battery, authorities said.

Google executives in landmark trial for allowing YouTube video of autistic boy being beaten by schoolmates - 06/23/09
Four Google executives go on trial today accused of allowing a video to be posted on YouTube showing an autistic schoolboy being abused.

A local tv anchorwoman is seeking a restraining order against someone who has been sending her harassing emails. Channel 19 morning news anchor Amy Dupont has been receiving nasty emails for about a year now. Never threatening, but harassing, with comments derogatory about her, and her on-air work.

Bolivian TV falls for Air France crash hoax - 06/22/09
Bolivian TV channel PAT has been left looking a bit daft after broadcasting extraordinary images of the last moments of Air France flight 447, lost over the Atlantic on 1 June

Friday, June 26, 2009

Teen sentenced for indecent MySpace photos (

Teen sentenced for indecent MySpace photos (

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Join our facebook groups

I just started two Facebook groups - one for WHOA and one for WHOA-KTD

Please join if you are on Facebook.

Scarborough Middle School Talks

On Tuesday, I spoke to the middle school students in Scarborough. They were divided into two groups. The principal, Joanne Sizemore was just pleased I could do the talks, even though the last day of school was the next day.

Pam Joy, from Fairpoint Communications came to hear me speak, not only as a parent (she has three kids in middle school), but also to see how I did my presentations for a collaboration with Fairpoint in the fall. She had some folks from their marketing department come as well.

The first talk went well, and as usual, when I showed what I found out about *them* on Facebook and Myspace, the auditorium quieted right down.

Here's what I found on Facebook:

85 were asked to be a friend of my alter ego
81 approved my alter ego as a friend; 4 never responded
5 asked to be my friend (without me requesting it) for a total of 86
Only 1 asked who I was, but still approved me
62% were boys; 38% girls
Over 75% are current middle school students
50% list their cell phone number in their profile - 60% of those were boys
5 boys and 2 girls also listed their home phone
60% list their AIM screen name
96% list an email address (sometimes two)
2 girls listed their home address

Then on Myspace:

50 profiles were looked at
Half were boys/half were girls
Just over half marked their profiles private
25% were boys
75% were girls
But 12 listed their first and last name as their profile name or in their profile
And most of those were Private Profiles

And the photos. Oy. Middle fingers, drinking what appears to be beer out of a bottle, seductive shots - we're talking 13 & 14 year olds here. It's bad enough when the high school students do it, then you have them putting up this crap when they're younger.

I think it got through to them that sexting can put you in jail and on the sex offender registry because it's child porn; that they could ruin their chances of a summer/after school job or admission to the university/college they want to go to because of what they post online.

What was interesting was finding out only six of the students removed my alter ego from their friends list. The comments on their status updates on Facebook were interesting:

Jeri: who is that weird woman from internet safty on face book!!!! i want to confront her, about like being a creeper.

Kassandra: did anyone find out who that speaker's facebook was? aha, its kinda bugging me.

Samantha at 4:41pm June 23
nope. she's not telling people becuz it's pretty much forcing the students to delete anybody they don't kno

Kassandra at 4:54pm June 23
hmm, okay. (: like seriously this bugged me, then when she showed pictures i was scared i was gnna be up there. but i only add people if they have a lot of mutual friends wit me.

Samantha at 4:56pm June 23
but thats one of the points she was trying to make. 81 people excepted a request from somebody who doesn't even exist...

Grace at 4:56pm June 23
Me too I was on that slide show haha

Kassandra at 4:58pm June 23
haha, wow. is she your friend
i think its kinda embarrssing if she just had like you up there.

Samantha at 5:02pm June 23
guys! just delete all the people u don't kno!

Kassandra at 5:05pm June 23
well jenny sora's faceboook pic is weirrd.. ahahha

Grace at 5:22pm June 23
Haha I was up there when it showed 6 of the friends of certain people


Ralph: you know those school presentations where they try to scare you from the internet and use others facebook's to make examples and your just HOPING that it won't be you, I was that guy today, my entire ensemble was on the big screen with my face blacked out drinkin root beer ahahah.

Amanda kinda knows how it feels to be miley cyrus now.....

Alexandrea at 10:30pm June 23
.... are you talking about inappropiate pictures missy??

Amanda at 10:55pm June 23
or what middle schoolers would find "provocative"

Alexandrea at 10:57pm June 23
uh oh. and what are these pictures that you speak of? do they show off your massive derriere?

Tori at 10:57pm June 23
omg. yeah i heard about that :(


So it's a deal with Fairpoint. Over the summer we'll work out the details, but they are going to pay me to speak at schools in the fall, as many as three a week. Which is a big phew! Money has been really tight and if we can make it to September, we'll be okay.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

London Observations

1) Not everyone in London has bad teeth. I saw this firsthand

2) I was told all Londoners hate us Yankees. Every person I met, from taxi drivers to hotel staff to waitstaff were absolutely wonderful and very sociable.

3) Do call your bank (or credit card company) before you go there. Let them know you are going out of the country on vacation and where and for how long. A friend (who warned me about this) ended up on the phone with his credit card fraud dept convincing them he was really in London and no one was fraudulently using his card.

4) I brought about $100 in US dollars and then used my debit card at an ATM at the airport to get 100 pounds. I ended up with almost 20 pounds on my return trip to the airport and spent it at the off duty store. The best place (besides an ATM that your bank honors) to get pounds is a post office. Seriously.

5) I don't know if all hotels are like this, but mine gave me a bath towel and a hand towel. No facecloth. So pack one.

6) Make sure you have a travel converter for your American appliances. 1600 watt or higher is recommended. I had two - a 1600 watt and 3000 watt - the higher one for my laptop. The hotel had a hair dryer and iron, so I didn't have to bother with bringing those

7) Things are redundant. In my hotel room there was an iron and ironing board - yay! Set up the ironing board, plugged in the iron. Now I had to flip the switch on the wall outlet to turn it on (yes, each outlet has an on/off, like a light switch). Then I had to flip the switch on the iron board that the iron was connected to, yes, other than the wall switch. *THREE* switches for one appliance. Hellooooo?

8) My hotel made you put the credit card room key in a slot to be able to turn the lights on. I found out afterwards sometimes you can put a business card in the slot to do the same thing. I don't know why they do this. It must be a British thing.

9) Tipping isn't necessary unless you get really wonderful service at restaurants - but look at the slip first. Some restaurants automatically add 10% to the bill.

10) You don't need to worry about wearing jeans/casual wear if you're playing tourist. I got one tourist guide that claimed jeans make you appear rude to the brits. Not true. Unless you're going somewhere formal or meeting the Queen, wear whatever you damn want (within reason, of course). I found that jeans, a top, a light jacket and sneakers were the best for running around in. Undies and a bra helped, too.

11) Keep an eye on the dollar/pound exchange rate and try to remember how much you're really paying when buying things there. Something costing 10 pounds seems like a bargain until you realize it's really almost $13 (the exchange rate was $1.63 to the pound when I was there)

12) Don't be afraid to ask people for directions. I found that going into a pub got you some friendly folks, or a store or just on the street. What was funny was British people asking ME for directions (and I actually knew where they needed to go, ha ha)

13) ALWAYS cross in a crosswalk. ALWAYS look left *and* right even if you have to only look one way or the other and remember they drive on the OTHER side of the road there. The black taxicabs don't give a shite about pedestrians, so go with the crosswalk lights or make sure it really is clear before crossing.

I think I thought of everything. If you do go, have FUN - I did!!

Digital Safety Conference Photo Slideshow

Find me!!

Day 4 in London - Home again, home again jiggity jig

I checked out of the hotel, then put my bags into the locked room by the front desk and walked to a local grocery store. Well, more of a convenience store (no slurpees, though, ha ha). I wanted to try to find the dogs a little something. So I got a can, er, I mean a "tin" of dog food that had tripe in it (yummy) and a box of Pedigree mini bites dry food. Then at the counter I found giant Cadbury Fruit & Nut bars. Yes, Joanne, I got you two of them, so calm down. And one for me.

BTW, if you do go to London and don't mind not staying in the center of town, save some bucks and book yourself at the Days Inn (not to be confused with the Days Inns here - this one is part of the Wyndham hotel chain). The room I had was not too small, a double bed, new and clean and it cost the Digital Safety folks only 79 pounds a night (about $100). I really liked the hotel and staff and food (well, most of the food)!!

Went back to the hotel to have a cup of coffee and wait for the car service to come get me. It arrived promptly on time and the driver looked just like John Turturro. I kid you not. This guy drove like a maniac! He was going over 80 MPH (I checked the speedometer, it was in both MPH and KPH, that's Kilometers, folks) at times. Yikes. Guess he wanted to get this Yankee out of his country fast, ha ha.

At the airport, got to upgrade again to Premium Economy for half of what I paid just a few days before. Turns out Virgin Atlantic was celebrating it's 25th birthday and rates were slashed. I was a happy puppy.

Went through customs (a breeze) and then all passengers are put in the duty-free shopping zone. They don't give you a gate where your flight is until about 30minutes before it leaves. They MAKE you shop. I bought souvenirs for family, then found out the cigarettes were $10 less a carton and got Chris some Marlboro Lights. I called and talked to him for a few minutes, then my gate was called.

I got an aisle seat, some champagne, then we were off! Watched two movies, Inkheart (pretty good) and Madagascar 2 (funny - I laughed out loud a few times and people were staring at me). On the way over I watched Hotel for Dogs, which was pretty stupid, but good for kids. For lunch/dinner had the beef dish, some red wine (I swear Virgin wants to keep you drunk on their flights, ha ha), then put some classical music on, put my eye shades over my eyes and crashed for a while.

I remember hearing the flight attendants walking by offering Bailey's on the rocks or cognac. When I woke up, they were giving out ice cream cups (Haggen Dazs!), then came back around a bit later with cereal bars.

Off the plane to customs. It was a breeze to go through - they didn't even check my carryon bags - damn, should have gotten more cigs! And they didn't check my checked bags, either.

Took C&J Trailways to Portsmouth, where Chris and Phoebe were waiting. Big hug and kiss for Chris, then to the car and Phoebe was just a wiggle bear! In the Siberian Husky book I read, they said the huskies are not loyal to one person. I beg to differ! She really missed me!

We stopped off at Fresh City to get dinner to go, then it was home, eat, a shower, then to bed.

It was nice to be home.

I'll post some insights and tips for London if you ever plan on going later today or tomorrow. Also hope to get to my photos from there!

Monday, June 22, 2009

WHO@ Newsletter - June 22, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Stupid criminal!

Lobster, wine and sleep follow Maine break-in
A man suspected of breaking into a Maine restaurant will have to get used to jailhouse food after workers at the eatery discovered lobsters and wine missing ­ and the suspect asleep on a bench.

Police say Paul Bruneau broke into the Portland Lobster Co. through a rear window and stuffed his pockets with cash before chowing down on the better part of 11 prepared lobsters worth about $300. He washed it all down with a white wine.

The Portland Press Herald reports Bruneau also left a refrigerator open, causing about $1,000 worth of food to be thrown away.

Bruneau, who was already out on bail, was being held Friday at the Cumberland County Jail. He couldn't be reached for comment.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

A reminder that you are what you eat - 06/22/09
Near the end of Food Inc., director Robert Kenner asks one of his subjects -- a woman whose son passed away after contracting E. coli from a hamburger -- what she eats. There's a pause before the subject explains that she can't reveal what she eats because she might get sued.

Fraudsters Try to Scam Security Expert on EBay - 06/22/09
When security expert Bruce Schneier tried to sell a used laptop on eBay, he thought it would be easy. Instead, a sale was aborted twice -- first by a scammer using a hacked eBay account and then by a buyer who tried to trick Schneier into sending her the laptop after she cancelled payment.

Missoulian gets 3 years for cyberstalking - 06/21/09
A Missoula man was sentenced Friday to three years and one month in federal prison for cyberstalking.
Jeffrey Grob, 28, pleaded guilty in March to sending threatening e-mails to his former girlfriend. Prosecutors say Grob sent the e-mails from October through December 2007.

Muggers caught by Google - 06/20/09
TWIN brothers have been arrested over a mugging after their victim spotted them on Google's Street View.

Authorities powerless against online death threats - 06/20/09
(I say, and pardon my french, this is bullshit - ed)
Anonymous abusers are apparently getting away with obscene and violent bullying tactics against teenagers in Western Australia because they are doing the cyber bullying on a US-based website.

Cyber Bullying Stopped: Go Daddy Web Site Pulled - 06/20/09
Numerous articles, including Sandy Maple’s on, “Teen Insult Web Site Shut Down,” have reported that online free speech has bowed to the pressure of community values. A web site, “People’s Dirt,” has been pulled out of cyberspace by Go Daddy, the internet host, in an effort to stop online harassment, cyber bullying and abuse. Calling it an “insult site” is misleading. It was much worse.

Australian Parents Fight to Shut Down Teen 'Revenge' Web Site - 06/19/09,2933,527383,00.html
The man behind a vicious Australian Web site used to harass teenage girls has dared authorities to take action.
Melton Web site designer Andrew Pallant claims his site, which has more than 1,300 posts containing unsubstantiated and often vulgar allegations, is designed to protect freedom of speech.

Suicide man minutes from death is saved by police thanks to tip-off from chat-room user in Australia - 06/19/09
Police arrived in the nick of time to save a suicidal British man who was found semi-conscious with a cord around his neck - after a tip off from a woman in Australia.
The drama came after the man posted an online message from his home in Oxfordshire on a chatroom site saying: 'I will kill myself in 15 minutes'.

Man accused of stalking, trying to extort money - 06/19/09
A Somerville, Mass., man is accused of stalking and trying to extort money from a Wilton man who once employed him, according to police and court records.

Bozeman City job requirement raises privacy concerns - 06/19/09
Applying for a job with the City of Bozeman? You may be asked to provide more personal information than you expected. That was the case for one person who applied for employment with the City. The anonymous viewer emailed the news station recently to express concern with a component of the city's background check policy, which states that to be considered for a job applicants must provide log-in information and passwords for social network sites in which they participate.

Texting, checking e-mail during office meetings can be costly - 06/19/09
A political coup in New York’s statehouse can be traced back to an incident in which a top lawmaker so enraged a wealthy backer by peering at e-mails on his BlackBerry that his patron engineered his ouster.

Criminal charges upgraded in 'upskirting' case - 06/18/09
A Missouri man accused of taking photographs under the dress of a Boscov’s shopper Tuesday is facing more serious charges.
State police at Selinsgrove filed third-degree misdemeanor invasion of privacy and summary harassment charges against Brian Thomas Hoy, 43, of Maryville, Mo., for using a digital camera to take photos under the dress of an unsuspecting 39-year-old Selinsgrove woman while she shopped at the store in the Susquehanna Valley Mall in Monroe Township.

Angry Milton Man Baffled By Internet Harassment - 06/18/09
Jason Mansur wants you to know something about him: he's never been to jail, he's not a high risk offender, he's never committed a crime and he's not guilty of anything. The Milton man has been the subject of Internet harassment, after someone posted false and defamatory information about him on popular websites Kijiji and Craigslist.

Grand Island toll collector seeks reduced charge in e-mail threats - 06/18/09
The Grand Island toll collector in hot water over allegations he sent threatening e-mails to an anti-toll activist is seeking to have aggravated harassment charges against him reduced.

Man gets two years in cyberstalking case - 06/17/09
Every night for months she lay in bed, frightened and alone, waiting for the next knock on her door.
More than 30 men showed up “at all hours” looking for sexual encounters they thought she was offering.

Conviction Upheld In E-mail Harassment Case - 06/17/09
The Nebraska Court of Appeals has upheld the conviction and $250 fine for a man who sent profanity-laced e-mails to a former Nebraska professor.

New Keylogger Bypasses PC, Snoops Keyboards - 06/17/09
Keyloggers, which monitor what you type into your computer, are a common and pernicious form of malware. But now attackers may be able to steal your keystrokes without even installing software on your PC.

Police: Guard pimped wife on Craigslist - 06/16/09
A man given the responsibility of protecting one of America's top nuclear labs is accused of prostituting his wife through Craigslist.

London Conference Video

You can view my London presentation - gads, I look tired.

3rd day in London - Playing Tourist

I meant to post this yesterday before I flew home, but I ran out of Internet time at the hotel. A day late, but here it is:

After a good night's sleep and breakfast, took a car service to Russell Square Park to meet my WHOA UK Law Liasion (and good friend), Katherine, and her husband, Bruce. I told the driver I was meeting them at a diner in the park. He told me there was no diner. I showed him the email she'd sent me and he was curious. Sure enough, because Saturday traffic is slow, there *is* a restaurant in the park. So a London driver learned something new!

I got a latte, sat outside and people-watched (and pigeon-watched - boy, there are a lot of pigeons in London). It was nice just to relax. Bruce and Katherine came a little bit later and we headed to the bus stop for our first stop of the day - changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. We got there at 11 am, the change would take place at 1130, so we had to try to find the right spot. We came close. After much excitement, and a Metro Policeman making sure latecomers didn't try to get in front of me - I was there first, after all, LOL), a band came marching down the street towards the Palace, all with those tall bearskin hats. Got that on video and photos (will post when I get home). They went thru the gates of the Palace and we didn't get to see the actual changing of the guard. Damn! But got them coming out. We asked the policeman where the guards were that we could get photos of (the ones with the tall hats). He said they weren't on duty yet. No worries! I asked if I could take my photo with him. He was pleased as punch. So Bruce took a photo of me with this policeman.

Next Bruce and I walked to the Hard Rock Cafe so that I could get a t-shirt (I always try to visit the Hard Rock if there's one where I am to get a little something). This is the flagship, opened in 1971. Very cool!!! On the way back to get Katherine at the Palace, we stopped at a sidewalk vendor and I got a London hoodie sweatshirt for me (it was just a bit chilly, not enough for my jacket, which I'd left at the hotel) and a t-shirt for my mom (Nancy, tell her I got what I warned her I would get).

We then took a taxi to the Thames River to find the cruise we wanted to go on. Finally found it on the other side of the river, near the London Eye, which Bruce and I were going on later (Katherine's done these things zillions of times, so she let me have my touristy fun with her hubby, who was a good sport all day). We took the City Cruises cruise (redundant, eh?) up and down the river. It was a good three hours, changing boats once. It was great to get a closeup view of the Tower Bridge, Tower of London (which we didn't have enough time to actually go into) and other places. I just loved the boats! It was sunny, then cloudy, a little sprinkle, then back to sun - so it was a perfect afternoon!

We made it back to Westminster for our London Eye ride. Katherine begged off - she was tired and headed back to their hotel. The ride was phenomenal - it's like a giant ferris wheel, but goes slowly around so that you get a terrific view of all of London. I hope the photos come out okay.

Bruce then took me on the Tube, London's subway system. This was after getting lost trying to find the darned station - we kept seeing signs pointing to it, then it was not where we thought it would be. Finally found the tube and it was quite the experience! Hang on tight!! We had to change once to get to the station near the restaurant we'd be eating at. Then we got lost again. Bruce ended up calling the restaurant three times to get us there and we finally made it to Porters Restaurant, an authentic English pub. So I of course had to have an authentic English ale and selected St. Peters Brewery Golden Ale (shown on their main page). Neat bottle, nice ale and very much needed after all the walking we'd done. Bruce opted for a screwdriver. I had to have the Shepherd's Pie, made tradionally with lamb. It was very, very good (I probably could have had two, ha ha). We also had dessert and Bruce ended up chatting with the guy sitting next to us. Turns out this guy was originally from the same town Bruce and Katherine live in! What a truly small world it is!

We took the Tube to the station nearest my hotel, then had to ask someone how to get to the street the hotel was on. This nice old British guy pointed our direction, then actually followed us for a bit to make sure we were on our way in the right direction. At the hotel, I bought Bruce a Bailey's on the rocks as a thank you for the fun during the day and dinner. We hugged, I went up to my room, called Chris on Skype and finally crashed at around midnight.

Got up yesterday am and packed and as soon as I posted this, headed downstairs to checkout and go to the airport. I loved my time in London, but I really couldn't wait to go home and be with my honey and my furry babies. I talked to Bandit on Skype Saturday night and watching the video of him facing the webcam and whining broke my heart. I got them both a good treat. And did my souvenir shopping at the airport (I know, I know, shame on me, but it was a busy day Saturday).

I'll post about the flight home, etc later today.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

2nd day in London - Part Two

Conference over, more people came over to talk with me. Success!!

It turned out dinner was just Graham (the conference organizer) and me. He said he'd made reservations at a true Scottish restaurant. I jokingly asked, "Can I get Haggis?" He was amused and said I could.

You need to check the link out if you don't know what it is. It sounds nasty, doesn't it?

Although he had his GPS (a Garmin with a soothing British woman's voice), Graham still got a bit lost (I told him I'd post about that, ha ha). But I got to see more of London! Parts remind me of the older parts of Boston. The rowhouses remind me of Baltimore.

We talked about the conference, his cyberstalking situation (which my group, WHOA is going to try to help him with), and the restaurant we were going to, Boisdale (in the photo on the main page, look waaaay in the back - we sat at the table in the dark cubbyhole where all the pictures are hanging).

Graham teased that he couldn't believe I was going to try the Haggis. Damn! Now I had to! We got there ahead of the reservation time, so we sat in the bar area. I had a Guinness and he had a local ale. We talked about how we met our spouses (his wife is from Ghana originally, but he used to walk by the Royal Doulton store in London where she worked and would see her through the window. . .eventually he braved going in to buy something for a friend's wedding and the rest is history), his time in Jamaica (where the cyberstalking began) and some things he'd done in his past life - music (he worked with Nine Inch Nails, no, not in the bad); film animation; entertainment; and more.

We got to our little table and our waitress came up to give us our menus. Who wouldn've thunk it? I had to go to a Scottish restaurant in London to be waited on by a girl from Texas! LOL!!

Yes, I did get the Haggis, but the appetizer (or first course, as they call it here). What was funniest was when the waitress came over with another beer for each of us, she had a shot of liquor, which she placed in front of me. I looked at Graham accusingly. It turned out it was a shot of Johnnie Walker Black to pour *over* the Haggis. It looked like the one in the photo at Wikipedia. It actually was quite good - it looked like ground sausage and was spicy and very, very tasty!

For the main course, I ordered a 36-day old rump steak with black truffles and garlic mashed potatoes. We talked more about a lot of things. Graham was quite funny!! Dinner was delish, but the Haggis had honestly filled me up and would have been plenty, so I ate 3/4 of the steak.

We left and he promptly got me back to the hotel. I went in, up to the 4th floor to my room and damn, my room key wasn't working. I kept getting a red light instead of a green one. Just as I turned to go back to the lift (as they call the elevator here), the fire alarm went off. I burst out laughing - the same thing happened when Chris and I stayed at the Union Bluff for our anniversary.

But this time, the alarm didn't shut off. So I trudged down the stairs. Other guests came out of doors and we all went to the lobby, then outside to wait. About 15 minutes later, the alarms were off and I went to the front desk, got my room key redone, then up to my room. The key worked - yay!

Got in my jammies, then called Chris on Skype. I miss him so much! Although I love being here, I can't wait to get home!

Went to bed and slept pretty well. Today is the big tourist day! I hope to be awake enough later to post about it!

Friday, June 19, 2009

2nd day in London - Digital Safety Conference

Had breakfast (included in room rate) after a very nice night of sleep. The bed is actually comfy. I got to sleep at 830 London time and woke up at 530 am LT, very refreshed.

Got to the conference and began meeting folks there - finally got to see Katherine Griffis, who's been on my WHOA staff since inception in 1997! We're spending the whole day tomorrow (with her hubby) doing touristy things. It was nice she could make it to the conference and to finally meet her in person.

Graham Brown-Martin, who put together the conference and booked me, is wonderful! He and his wife have been cyberstalked for five years, which was the impetus for this conference. View the video interview for their horrifying story.

Got to meet some of the other speakers and just socializing. Did my talk at noon and I think it went over very well. I covered how I was cyberstalked, about WHOA, what US law enforcement is doing, a case I've been working on involving the harasser in Sweden and then my "wish list" for ISPs and web sites.

My publisher had provided 150 copies of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors and Video Professor sent copies of Protect Yourself Online to give away to attendees, which was great! I signed quite a few books afterwards! And had a little fan club going, LOL.

Katherine had to leave at 2 pm, so I'm now listening to the panel discussions. Graham is taking me out for dinner (there are a few of us getting together), then I'll most likely crash early again!

Oh, the men in London proper are better looking, LOL. Don't worry hon, they're still not as cute as you!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Day In London

Chris drove very slooooowly to the bus station in Portsmouth. He did not want me to leave. Phoebe came along for the ride in the back seat. She loves riding in the car. Little did she know. . .

We got to the bus station, checked me in and then Chris got Phoebe out of the car to wait outside with us. She was fascinated with the stone bench, new location, everything. Then my bus for Logan Airport pulled in. Chris took her back to the car, after I gave her a huge hug and "I'll miss you."

We got my luggage on the bus, then Chris asked me if I could just stay home. Of course the answer was no. We kissed and he walked off, looking like a lost puppy.

I got on the bus and sure enough, it arrived at Logan in plenty of time. I got upgraded to Premium Economy, more legroom, amenities, etc, which I sorely needed (pun intended) after having the staple removed from my scalp earlier in the morning. Oh yeah, I had to go back to the emergency room to have that puppy removed. At first, the nurse was like "I'll give you the tool and you can have someone in London remove it." I'm like what? Some strange British person pull a staple out of my head? NO THANK YOU.

Security was a breeze, had some boneless chicken tenders, thinking that since it was a late night flight, we wouldn't get dinner. WRONG! Helmut, my flight attendant (seriously, that was his name) came flittering up to me with a tray of glasses. Champagne, orange juice, or water. I chose water. Then he came back with a little amenities pack - eye shades, sleep socks, a pen (for what, I don't know), toothbrush and toothpaste. Then he came back with a bottle of water for the flight (he did this with everyone, not just me, of course).

As soon as we were airborne, we were handed a menu. Geezus. If I'd known, I wouldn't have wasted my money on food. Chicken, beef or pasta. I chose the teriyaki chicken. Helmut insisted on a wine. I chose white, thinking one glass would help me sleep. Watched Hotel For Dogs (silly, but cute), and I did sleep for a whopping three hours. Our flight ended up taking only just over 5 hours instead of the expected almost 7. My head hurt where the staple had been taken out.

Got off the plane, took an hour to go through customs (no one even wanted to check my bags for a catapult, pout), got my bags and finally met my driver, Dave. Originally from Barbados, he'd lived in London since he'd been 9. I judged he was in his 40s. He used to be a Roadie for The Thompson Twins and Pink Floyd. Oh yeah. We got to talking, I got him laughing and he asked me if I was busy. I told him since it was 8 in the morning, the hotel probably didn't have a room. So he proceeded to give me the condensed auto version of London.

I got some good pics of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, some bridges, the Royal Court and some other things. Damned if I have the right adapter to put them on my laptop (doh!) But he was funny and informative and seemed to like I was so easygoing (hold on Chris, he knew I was married).

Got to the hotel and sure enough, no rooms that early. So I asked to be called when one came up. The girl at the front desk was sweet. I got a cup of joe and then logged onto wifi and began posting short things about my trip on Facebook and Myspace. My head was really pounding by then and wouldn't you know, I forgot aspirin (or the equivalent), but did remember Advil PM. Go figure. Since I didn't want to pass out, I just bore the pain.

I was the first to get a room - it's a new Wyndham Days Hotel. Nice room, double bed, good size, like new. Weird thing, though, you have to use your credit card room key to get the lights to turn on. Seriously. If you pull the card out from the slot in the room, no lights.

Went for a walk through the east end, looking for Brick Lane. Couldn't find it (I hear shopping there is fantastic), but saw some interesting people and places. No one bothered me. Maybe I look English.

Speaking of, wow. Most English men just are not good-looking. At least not where I am.

Went back to my room, talked with Chris on Skype and Facebook chat, then went down to the bar for dinner. They had a special - glass of wine with your choice of chorizo or tapas. I ended up going with a red wine and chorizo. Excellent combo! I then got the sliced duck breast salad. I've found that if you're nice to people here, they will go out of their way for you. The girl at the front desk? She had a hectic day and was still there when I went down for dinner. I told the bar manager she needed a raise. She came over with a map and began giving me directions to some local things. Cool!

I talked with the bar manager and when my duck breast salad came, he refilled my glass and told me since it was the end of the bottle, it was on him. Wow.

And I kept hearing stories of how rude the British are. Not one has been so far (although the guy at customs *did* make fun of my handwriting - pfft).

Back in my room, took a nice hot bath, going to put Icy Hot on my shoulders, will talk to Chris for a bit, then it's bed time for this Bonzo.

I have to be downstairs by 8 am for the conference.

I still can't believe I'm here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

WHO@ Newsletter - June 15, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Now that's a foxy lady
Fox steals more than 100 shoes

A fox has been unmasked as the mystery thief of more than 100 shoes in the small western German town of Foehren, authorities said Friday.

A forest worker stumbled upon shoes strewn near the fox's den and found a trove of footwear down the hole which had recently been stolen overnight from outside locals' front doors.

"There was everything from ladies' shoes to trainers," said a local police spokesman. "We've found between 110 and 120 so far. It seems a vixen stole them for her cubs to play with."

Although many were missing laces, the shoes were in good condition and their owners were delighted to reclaim them, he said, adding that no reprisals were planned against the culprit.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Victim, suspect exchanged threats last year - 06/15/09
A Stokes County man accused of killing Ashley Denise Ward had threatened her last year, and he told authorities at that time that she had threatened his wife and him, court records show. Joshua Allen Bolen, 25, of Walnut Cove was arrested in Richmond Sunday and charged with murder. Ward, 24, of Mount Airy, whose body was pulled from a pond next to Belews Lake in northeastern Forsyth County on June 2, died of head injuries.

Cybersquatters move in on Facebook - 06/14/09
Thousands of people have registered the names of celebrities, well-known companies, the royal family and politicians on the social networking website Facebook.

Castro's son woos web lover 'Claudia' for eight months... but it's actually a middle-aged (male) prankster taking the mickey -06/14/09
For Fidel Castro’s playboy son Antonio, it seemed the perfect opportunity for another female conquest.
An attractive Colombian woman was pursuing him over the internet, smitten by his wealth and power and keen to travel to Cuba to meet the man of her dreams.

Queens kids overdo it with food fight - 06/13/09
Officials at a New York City high school say there wasn't much permanent damage after a raging food fight resulted in 10 arrests and a campus lockdown.

Personalized Facebook URLs: 10 Important Points - 06/12/09
Ladies and gentlemen, get on your marks: The race to grab your very own Facebook URL is about to begin. Facebook will allow users to register custom usernames for the first time starting at 12:01 a.m. EDT Saturday. The usernames are bound to go fast, and if you aren't prepared, you may end up empty-handed -- or, worse yet, with a number-happy AOL-style name (think "JSmithLOLz313451").

From Russia Without Love: How thousands of lonely British men are being ruthlessly fleeced by a Russian 'e-mail brides' racket - 06/12/09
Some wear hotpants. Others the tiniest of mini-dresses. With names like Elanor, Olexandra, and Katerin, all are in full warpaint, teetering on vertigo-inducing heels.

Accused Facebook Spammer Could Face Jail Time - 06/12/09
An alleged spammer could face jail time in connection with a Facebook lawsuit after a judge referred him to the U.S. Attorney General's Office for criminal proceedings.

Army guard jailed for pretending dead teen was his girlfriend so he could play in a poker game - 06/12/09
An army security guard faces up to seven years in jail after telling bosses his girlfriend had died in order to get time off to take part in a poker game.

Beware photos online: US family's Christmas card photo used as advertisement in Prague - 06/11/09
An American couple was shocked to discover that their family's Christmas card photo was being used without their permission to advertise a supermarket's delivery service in Prague.

£500,000 ticket con on eBay - 06/11/09
THOUSANDS of eBay users were conned out of £500,000 in the online site's biggest fraud.

‘Back door wiretap’ helped convict penis pill fraudster - 06/11/09
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and other civil liberties groups are charging the government with having used a “back door wiretap” to obtain six months worth of a defendant’s emails without a warrant.

Oh, the heartache!
A Brooklyn man sued yesterday for inflicting "humiliation and disappointment" on lonely hearts "who feel rejected when their e-mails get no reply."

Man jailed for sex pill scam - 06/09/09
A MAN was jailed for two years yesterday for running a £6.1million fake Viagra scam.
Martin Hickman sold sex pills on the net with a 1,000 per cent mark-up.

Texas Lawmakers Crack Down On Fake Profiles - 06/08/09
In a move aimed at cracking down on cyerbullying, Texas lawmakers passed a new bill that makes it a crime to impersonate people online.

Twitter launches verification service to protect celebrities - 06/08/09
Twitter is acting against impersonators on the site after a spate of celebrities complained about fake accounts set up in their name.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Last chance for FREE registration at Digital Safety Conference

I'm speaking at the Digital Safety Conference in London, England on June 19th. As a speaker, I can offer FREE registration to the conference to two people (registration is 225 pounds or $367).


The first two to email me will get free registration! Seats are going fast, so jump on this if you can make it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lawsuits test free speech in internet era

Lawsuits test free speech in internet era

Shared via AddThis

USA Cyberstalking/harassment victim?

I'm going to be giving a keynote speech in London next week and they want me to
talk about cyberstalking and law enforcement reaction/non-reaction from the US
perspective. I won't name names, I'm just looking for examples to give. So I
hope some of you will reply.

For those cyberstalking victims living in the USA, if you contacted law

1) Was your stalking in the USA or outside the USA?

2) Which department did you contact? Local, county, state, federal - note which.

3) Did you contact them in your jurisdiction, in your stalker's, or in both?

4) What reaction/results did you get from law enforcement? (please be specific)

Monday, June 08, 2009

WHO@ Newsletter - June 8, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Ruh-roh

Look what the dog brought in: US hand grenade

A dog out on a walk happened upon a live US grenade from World War II and eagerly delivered it to his master, police said Monday, but authorities were able to defuse the explosive before it went off.

A 40-year-old woman had let the dog off its leash near a stream on a walk Sunday on the outskirts of the town of Erkrath in western Germany's Neander Valley.

The animal found the grenade on the ground, picked it up in its jaws and trotted back to its owner.

"She recognised immediately that it was probably an old, rusted hand grenade," police said. "On the orders of the woman, the dog obediently put his find back next to the stream."

She then alerted the authorities who blocked off the area and dispatched a munitions expert who identified the object as a still live American hand grenade from World War II and defused it.

Germany is still littered with unexploded Allied munitions more than six decades after the war, leading frequently to major evacuations when they are discovered in densely populated areas.

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Cyberstalkers violate victims with cutting edge - 06/08/09
It can be a GPS device implanted under a car’s dashboard, revealing where the victim is at any time.
Or a video camera hidden in a home and disguised as a baseball cap or a calculator.

Browser security and privacy tips - 06/08/09
Microsoft has made great strides in educating Windows users about the need to keep their systems secure by downloading and installing the most recent updates. (I still recommend that you set Windows' Automatic Updates to download but don't install, as I described in a blog post from last July.)

Firms cash in with 'typosquatting' - 06/08/09
Try to pay your electric bill online, but mistype when you input DTE Energy's Web address.
"Welcome to your local electric company" pops up on the screen. Click on the link that says "electric bill," and you have likely put money in the pocket of a "typosquatter."

Trouble in Twitter-land: tweeting without thinking - 06/08/09
The last time the Minnesota House Ethics Committee considered a complaint against a lawmaker, the year was 2003 and did not even exist. Last week, committee members and others found themselves tripping over the Twitter lexicon at a hearing on a Democrat's unflattering tweets about two Republicans during a budget debate.

Jailed British adulterer: I won't be coming to Dubai on holiday again - 06/07/09
Mark Hawkins came to Dubai to meet a girlfriend he met on the internet. This weekend he looked forlorn and bemused as he sat in his prison uniform in the city's central jail, after falling foul of a jealous husband and a legal system of which he knew nothing.

Inside the mind of a stalker: man’s point of view - 06/07/09
In response to the woman's angle offered by my colleague, Kagiso Madibana, last week on the related subject matter I wish to offer some perspectives from a different light.

NY EMT Accused Of Posting Corpse Photo On Facebook - 06/05/09
Body Was That Of Caroline Wimmer, A Staten Island Resident Brutally Strangled In March With Hair Dryer Cord

Roanoke man charged with making online threats - 06/05/09
A Roanoke man faces charges of making online threats against two police officers -- one in Oakland, Calif., and one in Martinsville -- after reading newspaper accounts of incidents in which they used deadly force.

Man Made $112,000 in Bank Account Hacking Scheme - 06/05/09
A Hampton, New Hampshire, man has pleaded guilty to fraud charges for his role in a scheme to empty brokerage accounts by installing malicious Trojan horse software on victims' computers.

FTC shuts allegedly rogue Internet provider - 06/04/09
The federal government has severed the Internet connection of a company accused of helping criminals serve up a "witches' brew" of nasty content online, from computer viruses to child pornography.

Two Maryville residents charged in video piracy operation - 06/04/09
Authorities jailed two Maryville residents accused of operating a video piracy business.
Blount County Sheriff's Office deputies charged each with criminal simulation on Wednesday. Investigators with the Hi-Tech Evidence and Technology (HEAT) unit discovered an alleged video piracy operation at one of the suspect's Maryville residence.

Closing Arguments Made In Stalking Trial; Judge To Return Verdict - 06/04/09
After hearing two days of evidence, 7th District Judge Kerry Russell said Wednesday he would take about a week to rule on whether a 26-year-old Waskom man is guilty of stalking a Tyler woman, threatening her for four years with repeated phone calls and text messages.

Attacks Against Parent Group In Online Posts Spark Debate - 06/04/09
Irene Williams came out guns blazing. In a series of posts last month to the Internet list of the influential Parents' Coalition of Montgomery County, she portrayed the group's leaders as "purveyors of evil," "cowardly bullies" and "inebriated beavers."

Army center gunman trawled web for target - 06/04/09
A man accused of shooting two soldiers at a US Army recruiting center, killing one, had trawled the Internet looking at various sites across the country, the FBI says.

Woman’s cyberstalking trial postponed - 06/04/09
The District Court trial for the woman accused of cyberstalking a former customer and coworker was postponed Wednesday morning after lawyers told the judge they needed more time to work out issues with evidence in the case.

Law enforcers get organised on cracking organised cybercrime - 06/04/09
International cybercrime experts will confer with Australian law enforcers, government, the judiciary and the legal profession at the Australian High Tech Crime Conference next week at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Woman raped live on Internet; suspect in custody - 06/02/09
Phoenix police arrested a man in Phoenix on Monday on suspicion of raping an unconscious woman live on a popular video hosting Web site. According to a court document, on Feb. 26, 2009, at about 5 a.m., 20-year-old Jonathan Hock set up the webcam built into his laptop and broadcast live as he sexually assaulted a woman whom he knew for less than a month as she lay in bed unconscious. The victim had reportedly been asleep for up to six hours before the assault occurred.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I'm in Cosmo Magazine!

Woo-hoo! I'm in Cosmopolitan magazine! I was quoted in an article called "Someone Stole My Face" (page 128-129) in the July issue!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

FREE Registration to Digital Safety Conference

I'm speaking at the Digital Safety Conference in London, England on June 19th. As a speaker, I can offer FREE registration to the conference to three people (registration is 225 pounds or $367).

The first three to email me will get this!

Monday, June 01, 2009

WHO@ Newsletter - June 1, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .The Chinese fire drill will now commence

Car loses all four wheels on highway

A car travelling on a motorway in Switzerland lost all four wheels simultaneously, coming to an immediate halt in the middle of the highway, police said on Saturday.

The car had just stopped and the passengers had changed from winter to summer wheels themselves, a common task in Switzerland where there is plenty of snow in winter, but used the wrong nuts when mounting the new set.

"When they then drove back on to the motorway, all of the wheels disconnected," St Gallen cantonal police said in a statement. "Luckly, no one was injured and no other vehicle was damaged."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Woman jailed for Idol cyber-stalking - 06/01/09
A Melbourne woman who cyber-stalked an American Idol contestant has been jailed for 26 months.
Tanya Maree Quattrocchi, 23, admitted stalking 2004 American Idol runner-up Diana Degarmo by hacking into her MySpace account, intercepting her emails and those of the entertainer's family and friends.

Experts warn mobile phones face hacking threat - 06/01/09
Accessing your bank account using your mobile phone might seem safe, but security experts say would-be hackers can access confidential information via a simple text message seemingly from your service provider.

'Sperm brokers' facing jail for trading via donor website without a licence - 05/31/09
Two businessmen have appeared in court charged with making sperm available over the internet to women desperate to conceive.

Wikipedia blocks Scientology from altering entries - 05/30/09
Wikipedia has blocked the Church of Scientology from editing entries at the communally-crafted online encyclopedia due to an unrelenting battle over the group's image.

Digital dating abuse prevalent in Amador - 05/29/09
A national epidemic of a disorder known as textual harassment has hit hard in the teen population of Amador County.

Elkins Man Sentenced On ‘Internet Stalking’ - 05/28/09
An Elkins man was sentenced to six years in prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to “Internet stalking of a child” in Crawford County Circuit Court.

South African Calls Boss a "Serial Masturbator" on Facebook, Gets Fired - 05/28/09
With so much pain and humiliation caused by Facebook around the world, we were less than shocked to hear that the cycle of embarrassment had traveled south of the Equator.

Amanda Knox case creates a police investigation at home - 05/28/09
Police are investigating complaints from a Seattle woman who says she was intimidated and threatened online because of comments she made about the Amanda Knox case.

17-year-old charged in Redding drinking death - 05/28/09
A 17-year-old Redding girl was arraigned Wednesday morning in Shasta County Juvenile Court on felony involuntary manslaughter and other charges in connection with December's alcohol-poisoning death of Shelby Lyn Allen.

Phishing Scam Again Surrounds Facebook Community - 05/28/09
Users of the popular networking site Facebook were found to have struck by a latest e-mail phishing scam on May 14, 2009.

Pasco County man accused of using elderly neighbor's identity for Playboy account - 05/28/09
Some of an elderly neighbor’s mail ended up in Brett Becker’s box one day in 2006. Armed with that information, authorities say, Becker used the woman’s identity to set up an account with and, a video chat system.

Twitter Gets Targeted Again by Worm-like Phishing Attack - 05/27/09
Twitter users have been tricked into divulging their login and password details to a Web site that then spammed their contacts.

Islamic death threat targets U.S. radio host - 05/27/09
A top U.S. radio talk show host has become the subject of an Islamist Internet death threat, WND has learned.

Blogger jailed for contempt in Smith case - 05/27/09
A Houstonian who’s being sued by the mother of the late Anna Nicole Smith spent the holiday weekend in jail, making her the latest gossip blogger to pay a steep price for her hobby.

Revealed: Ruth Padel’s email that smeared her Nobel rival - 05/26/09
Full details of the email sent by Ruth Padel, who was forced to quit as Oxford Professor of Poetry after smearing her opponent, can be revealed for the first time in the Standard today.

A laugh for the day - is spam getting nuttier?

Some subject lines from SPAM received recently (I couldn't even make these up):

My fave:

From: "Martinkus E. Holli"
Subject: Hello, deepshit!

(um, they're a few months late or early - you choose)

From: "Shirley Wallace"
Subject: Time to prepare for Valentine's Day.. be ready!
Date: , 31 May 2009 22:56:41 -0500

(oh honey!)

Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 13:52:14 +0100
From: "Gene Corona"
Subject: Penis Enlargement announcement


From: "FedEx Courier Service Delivery"
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 08:37:51 +0800

(calling all my gay friends)

From: "Caleb Hardin"
Subject: From now you will be able to please any size-queen.
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 00:56:56 -0300

(respond to this, bitch)

Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 18:26:25 -0700
Subject: Sequel to your non response

(have you been watching me pee?)

Subject: Re: Yellow or Green ..?
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 09:45:06 -0500

(Kelly who? and what pain?)

From: ""
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 6:23:37 PM
Subject: Hey Kelly pain wont go away?