Various information about cadastral maps

A Cadastral Map is a map that visually provides important information about real estate and land and has the following key features.

land ownership information

The Cadastral Map includes owner information for each land parcel. It indicates ownership of real estate in the area and includes the landowner’s name and contact information.

border marking

One of the most important features is that it accurately marks the boundaries of the land. This will give you an idea of the size and shape of the property, as well as its boundaries with other properties. 지적도무료열람

cadastral information

Cadastral maps identify each land parcel by assigning a unique identifier, or cadastral number. It allows you to track and manage land parcels and is used for legal purposes.

Usage information

Maps can also provide information indicating the use of land. This helps identify different land uses, including residential, commercial, agricultural, and forestry.

Terrain and feature information

Some cadastral maps may include topographic or feature information (buildings, roads, rivers, etc.). This information plays an important role for land development or urban planning.

Real Estate Tax Information

Cadastral maps may also include information related to real estate taxes. This will help you understand and manage tax implications in your area.

legal purpose

Cadastral maps are used for a variety of legal purposes, including real estate transactions, land subdivision, urban planning, real estate management, and public policy formulation.

Accuracy and Updates

Cadastral maps are critical to accuracy and must be constantly updated. Maintain and manage information using Cadastral Information Systems (GIS) and related software.

Cadastral maps are used as an important tool related to real estate and land management, and are used in various fields such as real estate transactions, land development, cadastral information system construction, urban planning, and environmental protection.

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