Damage caused by increased popularity of webtoons

As the popularity of webtoons increases, several problems are arising.

Webtoons are copyrighted works. So people have to pay to see it.

However, as webtoons become more popular, the number of sites where you can view them for free is increasing.

So many people can view the latest webtoon works for free.

You should be able to find this information relatively easily in search engines. 툰코

However, from the user’s point of view, it is very good because it is free. From the producer’s point of view, this is the moment when profits disappear.

In the long run, who would want to create a webtoon?

If you make it, you won’t make any money and everyone will watch it for free, right?

So, I recommend watching it through the normal route.

Nonetheless, many people will use free sites.

As long as it doesn’t disappear. The choice is up to the individual.

There are many works that can be viewed for free on normal sites.

Some works are only partially released for free.

Other works provide only the latest stories for a fee and provide past stories for free.

So, if you enjoy it for free and like it, you can purchase it for a fee and enjoy it.

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